The Juice by Tina Johndrow

Tina Johndrow
Tina Johndrow

I was thinking this morning about the phrase “he/she has the juice”. In some of the social circles I walk in, that means that the person being referred to has a significant presence of God that is manifesting. My next thought was orange juice. And from there I was processing what it takes to make juice.

Years ago I was praying for some ministry friends and I heard the phrase “concentrate” as in the concentrated juice. I passed it along without a lot of understanding. Looking back now I realize in order for the “juice” to be made it takes a process. It takes a squeezing and cutting and scraping, whether you use the old fashioned juicer or a machine juicer or a food processor. Many of us have gone through the process of juice making in our lives. But what gets squeezed out sometimes surprises us. When it is not sweet and refreshing – add the Lord to the mix. He is the sweetener. He is the one that will bring the flavor. He is the one that will bring the nutrition we need.

(Lee’s note-I often think of this as I partake in communion. The grape that is crushed or squeezed.)

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